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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Pink Dreams

I absolutely love pink. And glitter. But especially pink. It just gets my attention, and screams "NOTICE ME!!" I think all things worth noticing should have at least a touch of pink in them. While updating things at Double B Party Barns, I have slowly and joyfully been adding touches of pink here and there. It just makes my heart smile. I can't help it. And as I peruse the internet, I can't help but let my pink obsession take me to all sorts of fun and exciting new places.

Source: via Jennifer on Pinterest

This pink house is why I work. I must make money to  build a big pink mansion on a rolling hill that even Barbie or Scarlet O'Hara would be jealous of.

And I would love to drink coffee on the terrace of this pink home.

And to go down to the end of the dock and watch the sun set from this pink boat would just be extraordinary!

So whatever it is that makes your heart smile, I hope you add it in to your day today, tomorrow and every other day!

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